Drop In and Bring a Topic

Our monthly bioethics forum operates as a drop in. People come with whatever topics they wish to discuss. That may range from the availability of mifepristone to the way people engage with medical information in the mainstream media. Law, theory, ethics, and philosophy allow us to dive into the deeper matters. We lean away fromContinue reading “Drop In and Bring a Topic”

In the Works

A document about the right to information during migration may result from discussions and finetuning ideas in a document originally addressing migrants being directed from southern states to northern ones. According to the UN, migrants must have access to information. Information on job opportunity, immigration laws, and how to access public services and education isContinue reading “In the Works”

Climate or Ecology

The climate migration subcommittee has been discussing expanding its purview. Projects and discussion topics have sprung from migration to other aspects of climate change as well as to issues in immigration due to political and economic migration rather than climate alone. There is so much overlap we named our meeting notes to call the groupContinue reading “Climate or Ecology”

People & Tech Group Projects

The group has two papers in progress. The first is a critical analysis of the effect of social media and tech on attention span. It coins the term “distraction technology” and argues that attention span is a worthy of protection as an ethical good. It further asserts that technology that interferes with deciding what projectsContinue reading “People & Tech Group Projects”