History of the Collaborative for Palliative Care

Mary Beth Morrissey, Collaborative Founder and President, recognized a gap in the community and designed and launched community-based organizing in 2006 to address unmet palliative care needs. The organization represented a grassroots movement and incorporated as tax exempt not-for-profit in 2012, with the goals of education, advocacy, and research.

The Collaborative partners with University of Rochester Medical Center, Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center, and Westchester Public Private Partnership for Aging Services.

Its goals include

  • Reframing Aging & Health: Promoting social, relational and communitarian approaches to person-and family-centered care, problem-solving, and community planning and governance;
  • Translation of ideas, critical theories and evidence to field: Bridging policy, research and practice; Ethics: Strengthening ethical decision making
  • Meeting Health and Aging Workforce Gaps: Professional, organizational and community capacity-building
  • Career Pathways: Supporting personal and professional development across the lifespan: raising self-awareness and fostering self-actualizing tendencies
  • Laying foundations for change agency: Equipping workers with reflective practice and communications skills to help them become agents for change within complex health and social systems, and navigate challenges and conflicts more effectively

The Collaborative has evolved into an effective educational community. It hosts roundtable discussions, offers an interdisciplinary certificate program, and holds an annual conference. The Collaborative’s newest endeavor is the Bioethics Forum, which brings together a diverse group of professionals to critically analyze the structures in place affecting health and wellbeing, and to broaden bioethics to the many disciplines necessary to achieve an ethical backdrop under which society can access policies and practices positively influencing health.

For more details, please see our original website. And see this link for the Collaborative for Palliative Care’s summaries of relevant existing New York legislation.

Photo 118213166 / Legislation © Oleg Dudko | Dreamstime.com

Published by Anne Zimmerman

Anne Zimmerman is an attorney with an MS in Bioethics from Columbia University and Editor-in-Chief of the online journal, Voices in Bioethics. Her research and experience include healthcare policy, the right to refuse care, autonomy and rights, criminal justice reform, mass incarceration, corporate governance and shareholders’ rights, and nutrition with a focus on policy surrounding access to a healthy food supply. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anneszimmerman/ (profile)

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